Surrounded by green fields, immersed in rurality, Casas do Telhado are an option for a short break or a longer stay, in rural tourism and holiday homes, in contact with nature, culture and traditions. It is inviting to walk around the property and enjoy a wide range of activities: hiking, cycling, playing tennis or volleyball. The pool is right next door, always overlooking the green fields and, if the weather is fine, the barbecue or the wood oven outside invites you to a meal. At harvest time, the grape harvest is available to anyone who wants to try it.

But there are also kayaks to ride on the Tâmega River. For those who want a more cultural enjoyment, it is good to remember that we are in the center of the Route of the Romanesque and there are historical monuments to visit.

Casas do Telhado

Casas do Telhado, rural tourism and holiday homes in contact with nature, culture and traditions. Enjoy a stay that allows you to discover Portuguese roots, hospitality, way of life, gastronomy and nature. The best rural houses for tourism in Portugal.



Casas do Telhado – Rural Turism & Holiday Homes

Caminho das Sebes – Castelões

4560-056 Penafiel, Portugal

Bookings (Georgina): 966 762 152
Check-in (Georgina): 966 762 152
Padel (Georgina): 966 762 152

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